Vegetable oils combat stomach ulcers and cancer?

Linolenic acid, a chemical present in vegetable oils can combat stomach ulcers and cancer by destroying the causative bacteria, a recent study suggests. The experimental study could lead to novel treatment for these diseases. The study results were published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.                                                               

The aim of the study is to counter antibiotic resistance capability of the causative bacteria Helicobacter pylori. The team has developed a nanotherapeutic called LipoLLA that can withstand highly acidic environment of the stomach and kills the bacteria without causing antibiotic resistance, said Dr. Liangfang Zhang, Professor at the University of California.

LipoLLA contains linolenic acid, a chief component of vegetable oil. In experimental studies, LipoLLA was proved to be safe and effective than conventional antibiotics without chances of developing treatment resistance.


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