Take vitamin D supplements reduce lung disease flare-ups

Taking vitamin D supplements can reduce lung disease flare-ups in vitamin D deficient patients, according to a recent study published in the journal Lancet Respiratory Medicine. Progressive flare-ups are not uncommon in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients that lead to hospitalization risk.                                                                
The present study investigated the beneficial role of vitamin D supplementation in reduction of severity and duration of COPD symptoms including cough, tightness of chest and shortness of breath.

The clinical trial included 240 COPD patients who were assigned to receive either vitamin D supplements or a placebo (dummy pill). Significant reduction in flare-ups was observed in vitamin D deficient patients than normal vitamin D level patients. The study concluded that vitamin D modestly reduced the severity and duration of flare-up in all patients who received vitamin D supplementation.

Vitamin D supplementation is a relatively inexpensive treatment to reduce the risk of flare-ups among vitamin D deficient individuals. COPD patients should test their blood vitamin D levels often and take supplementation, if they’re deficient, said Dr. Adrian Martineau, one of the study researchers.


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