Beetroot juice treats high blood pressure

Due to presence of dietary nitrate, daily consumption of beetroot juice significantly reduced high blood pressure in hypertension patients, an early phase clinical trial suggested. The results were published in Hypertension.                                                             

The phase-II clinical trial included 64 high blood pressure patients who were given 250 mL of beetroot juice daily. The juice corresponds to 6.4 mmol of nitrate dosage, every date. The results were compared with nitrate-free (depleted) beetroot juice consumed patients.

Reduction in blood vessel stiffness (arteriosclerosis), systolic and diastolic blood pressure with improvements in vascular wall (blood vessel wall) functions was observed in beetroot juice consumed patients. However, no benefits were observed in nitrate-free beetroot juice consumed patients.

Beetroot juice is an affordable, adjunctive, non-expensive treatment for elevated blood pressure.
Consumption of inorganic nitrate from dietary sources could increase blood nitrite levels by a series of chemical reactions. Nitrite is a powerful blood vessel dilator in humans that alleviates blood vessel constriction and high blood pressure.


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