Morality without stress tips

If you love your job, you want people who work there. Feeling excited about friendship. And your job was so encouraging.

If you and your friend in the office love, then love buildings and office environments. This will motivate them to work and office work with more emphasis.

As it turns out, you can do it, love commuting to and from your workplace. Beautiful trip to do the trip destination or find fun feature.

But if you do not find pleasure in tourism, which can love your love your work. They face plant on the table, a number of ants on the wall, or the birds flying around. Nothing!

If you love about your work, think, why are you still there? Go fast and look what you love and work there. Life only once. Nothing is better than doing something about true love.


Meditating well done as one solution to overcoming depression.
For those who have never tried to meditate you will only understand it through practice.

By meditating, we'll be relaxed, relaxed, not tense. Scientifically when we are tense or depressed brain will produce hormones that cause a calming effect to the body.

High levels of depression suppress the brain's ability to produce these hormones. With meditation, the brain will gain strength and increase its natural ability to produce this hormone. Even meditation is "aware" for some time to provide long-term positive effects for healthy brain and immune system.

Meditate regularly and consistently enhance one's ability to cope with depression. Not just physical, soul becomes healthy with our meditation.

Many views are wrong about meditation as an exercise for a particular religion or belief. In fact meditation actually helps the human spiritual intelligence, regardless of any belief that dianutnya.

Meditation increases the ability to concentrate. Culminate in a calm and peaceful feeling. The art of meditation have been developed in many places over long periods of time. Study the arts and enhance your natural ability to defend against depression.

How to start meditating?

Sit back, relax all parts of the body and relax the mind as well. We're not talking about the meditation again. We just sit with the body and mind relaxed, the same as when we finish a tough job. We work hard, tired, and we rest our body relaxes.

No need to think anything. No need to trouble yourself with thinking about everything for a few moments when we "rest" Realize that we are being relaxed for some time. After a while we will realize that we're relaxed while we relaxed, we control our mind. Easy is not it?

That is meditation relaxation. Do it within a period not too long before. If you do it regularly you will develop skills. Remember to always be conscious, because attention is the key to meditate. Remind yourself not to think anything for some time. And you will relax your mind.
It could also complement uses such as aroma therapy or soft music. Do it every day and observe the changes yourself.

Relaxation Meditation is so easy to do, we just relax our bodies and minds. But meditation relaxation have one difficulty.

Because it is so easily done, meditation relaxation becomes so difficult to do. Why? because we do not believe it. Our brains get used to analyze various things. We are always connecting with something outside of meditation our habits:). Our thinking about meditation so handcuff our thinking. We got to thinking, what we really have to meditate? why is it so easy? even then will culminate in mind, that by not thinking anything meaningful meditation and think something is not meditate absolutely not so. In the last review I said that all meditation is the key concern. Let's look at other techniques and as easily

For those who love reading and meditation techniques certainly try out with the breath technique. For those who have not here it is technique.

Sit straight with your back straight. Relax all parts of the body. Relax your mind as well. You can close your eyes if you want. If not, look at one point in front of you during meditation. Notice your breath. Notice when breathed. Notice when breathing out. Do not deliberately set breath. Just look at interesting or out of breath.

Do not think of anything other than your breath. You also may note in the liver. While breathing in, note the liver. When breathing out, notes in his heart. Next time your mind distracted, switch back to pay attention to breathing.

Do not be disappointed or angry because the mind distracted. It has become the basic nature of human thought to always think of something.

Just keep breathing until you end the session that day. After a while, you will feel the serenity in the hearts and minds. What happened?

When we direct the attention of mind on the breath. Brain concentrate attention on only one thing we do, that is breathing. For a while, you just breathe (think of breathing).
Because only think of one thing only, making the intensity of concentration which is so big brains. Concentrations of developing attention. Attention develop calmness. Tranquility develop policies, including the sense of joy. Fun generate happiness.

In meditation there is no specific thing that must dipersiapan. Of course if there are things that can help us in the concentrate will be fun for us to start the session today. It's all possible.

But the problem is that not everyone has the same reception for one thing. There is no guarantee to say that doing one thing will always work for everyone. Even be different for the same person on different days. Perhaps you yourself have experienced it.

For example, you may experience heavy pressure in the office today. When you go home and do the meditation sessions for the day, you feel calm and have a strong motivation to solve your problems. The next day at the office you receive praise from superiors and colleagues. Everything looks beautiful you are so happy that day. You are so cheap smile and laugh a lot.

When you start a meditation session that day you find you are so hard to concentrate. You always remember your boss and co-workers compliment. You feel that promotions stay at the office just counting the days.

Why? I give the illustrations.

Imagine that the mind is like a little kid 5 years old, He is so obedient, to follow whatever you say. But when he ran with a merrily, laughing happily he started not listening to you. He kept running and laughing, you are then you come running after him, caught him and then sat. When sitting he then tried to run again, and you have to chase anymore.

Such is the nature of the mind. Because that's important for you to pay attention to the mind and tried to relax the mind. Convince yourself for not thinking anything "just" for some time in the session that day. Only by regularly do it, you'll understand what I mean.


Why do we humans be obliged to live in sense of balance? The answer, because only in a balanced state of the energy flow of human life (micro cosmos) be able to stream in rhythm w/ the current of life energy of the universe (macro cosmos). And if it happens alignment between the micro cosmos and macro cosmos, the whole potential of the pure subconscious of human beings will emerge and can be processed in a maximum. One of the easiest ways to get the balance immediately is to do Aura Therapy.

All the series of processes in real aura therapy aims to restore the balance of the work function of all elements in human beings by nature. AURA THERAPY In the process of rational, natural, and the Divine, performed the alignment to change your life for the better, brilliant
and successful. As a result, seven natural elements of your body will become activated and emit an aura of maximum sheen. These results can be tested with an aura photo, which you seem to have high levels of magnetic beam power, the face becomes more beautiful, charming, bright, glowing, sympathetic, ageless, graceful, elegant and charming. By having a powerful magnetic field emission you can make anyone wonder and complacent.

Apart form the charm of self-functioning and attract sympathy, Aura therapy is also beneficial melt a hard heart that it becomes dear, reduce disputes, business subdue opponents, support and facilitate the career or business, obtain a successful future bright, has a high charisma,
prestige and great influence , so that the enemy, or your boss is cruel inhuman, irritable, fussy and hate and hostile to you, will turn into love, shy, polite, roomy chest, honor, respect and always give special attention to you and be your friend.

Aura therapy is good and right, will develop and cultivate the potential of the human subconscious WITHOUT using the "elements" or something that comes from outside the human self - like a genie, implant, magic, etc. that are negative or polytheists. So the results will be obtained is the result that pure from within the self.

Red Ginger as a Health Alternative Medicine

Red ginger (Zingiber officinale Roxb rubra var ..) Or officinale Roscoe Zingiberaceae Zingiberaceae officinale Rose or seasonal herbs, erect, 40-50 cm high. Pseudo clear, grooved, forming rhizome color, green. Some lanceolate leaf shape, the walls, showing the tip, obtuse base, dark green color. Compound interest, in a form close to grain type, pointed, 3.5 - 5 cm long, 1.5 - 2 cm wide, funnel-shaped wreath of flowers, 2 to 2.5 cm long, purple. fruit box, oval, brown.

Most literature written in red ginger mixed with white ginger (elephant ginger) and yellow ginger (ginger is usually used for cooking). It is not surprising considering the three types of ginger has almost the same Latin name and began officinale Zingiberaceae. In addition, three kinds of ginger with a similar content but with different concentrations.

The effectiveness of red ginger

As part of traditional medicine, ginger was red chosen because it feels bitter and spicy ginger is higher than any other type of course add even more advantages than other types of ginger. That is why it should be used as pharmaceutical ingredients and herbs.

Red ginger rhizome smaller size compared with other forms of ginger, red, and contain a high volatile oil consists zingeberin, camphene, lemonin, zingiberene, zingiberal, gingerale and shogool. Other Gynaecology, particularly oil, violin, carbohydrates, organic acids, malic acid and aksolat gingerin.

Red Ginger is known in the force as a laxative, antirheumatic, and bullets in the air. Benefits are generally warm, improve appetite, sweating bullets, as well as preventing and treating colds. Because of this influence people quickly feel fitter and a peak of sexual arousal immediately aka makantar-Kantar.

In addition, be beneficial to bone (bronchitis), back pain, impotence, increase stamina and overcome, alleviate asthma, to treat headaches, muscle, premature ejaculation, and almonds.

Red Ginger is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is said that he is very supportive of treatment of stomach and spleen, and kidneys (particularly in men, and classified as an aphrodisiac / stimulant substances, and the best treatment for impotence)

In Arabic medicine, ginger is said second stage Red Hot and humid in the degree of unity. He is warm and soften the effect of the abdomen, is also beneficial for the body digestive problems such as bloating, food, and constipation.

Red Ginger an important function in the world of Western medicine & Oriental medicine in the world (China, Japan and India) can be used and no-one else or as an element in the treatment of herbal mixtures and used as a medicinal medication "against the adverse effects of other plants. This is evident in a recent study that the content of this particular red ginger can help others get better treatment and be absorbed in the body.

Although the red ginger is studied in the treatment of asthma, according to DR. Bert Suwijiyo fitofarmaka expert at the University of Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, "... the possibility of warmth, because of volatile oil content causes a feeling of relief for people with asthma."

"In fact, red ginger splasmolitika Bronko substances (oil, dust inhalation). Another possibility, in fact, ginger, antihistamines that cause asthma decreased," said the doctor at the University of phytochemicals Toulose, France.

But for you people with asthma and ulcers, you should avoid using red ginger. "Because gingerolnya can heat and irritation of the stomach," says lecturer Faculty of Pharmacy UGM.

Some properties of cured red ginger is mentioned on various web sites:

Migraine headaches, dizziness, blood circulation, improves digestion, flatulence break, arthritic and rheumatic pains, colds and flu.

Some properties of red ginger is yet to be proven, because it was too large:

Natural Viagra stimulates the release of breast milk, encourage the production of lymph, maintains immunity, prevention of infertility and to strengthen the resilience of seeds. Farnesal element in this race is also capable of the aging process occurs, because it stimulates skin cell regeneration.

So many of the efficiencies and benefits of these red ginger, so now many excellent products that extracts of red ginger, either in the form of instant powder (bags), water lemon, ginger syrup, candy and more. It's easy for you to consume directly, without bothering to grow yourself.

Caring for the health of our body is getting back to the destruction of natural ingredients and traditional. Hello, healthy life

Free Medical Treatment in UK

This morning I was watching a documentary by filmmaker Michael Moore's Sicko. Unlike usual, this time I am very interested in the documentary film on this one, to the extent that almost too late to go to the office. The film contains the comparison between the cost of health care in many countries. That I can see just about health care costs in the UK.

In Britain, medical costs almost nothing. Almost none? Yes, it's so true. For British citizens under the age of 16 years and above 60 years is really exempt from all health-related costs or free. Health costs only apply to citizens aged between 16 to 60 years, because the age range is considered productive age. Outline is, only residents who have income to pay medical expenses. The cost was not at all big.

How big is it? Only 6.65 pounds, or about $ 10 for each prescription drug that bailed out, and flat rates. In terms of any drugs listed in the recipe, both cold remedies, until a cure for HIV, regardless of the type and quantity, fixed price to be paid 6.65 pounds or about U.S. $ 10. Then how about hospitalization? Hospitalization was not charged or free.

Out of curiosity, Michael taking the time to perform a variety of ways to prove the truth of such a treatment system. The interview began at the hospital, and began by interviewing hospital staff. Some of the questions presented to the hospital staff, and trust Michael has begun to awaken.

Interviews and survey results provide the location of the fact that there is no part of billing, payment and administration for such. Administration only intended to record the names of patients and medical history prior to then dikompulasi in the patient's medical record. Too good to be true? It was really the reality.

But it has not revealed everything you know. Michael went on an interview trip to another part of the hospital. He strongly believed, there must be a place where patients must pay. Where ya about? He decided to go to the ER, because of course here the patient must pay a security deposit or something to get treatment.

Interviews again continues with employee resource in the Emergency Unit, which turned out to confront the predictions Michael, because all patients received treatment immediately after entering into the ER. No questions about social card, health insurance cards, and others who had nothing to do with the condition of the patient, who asked to really focus on what is suffered by the patient to quickly determine the appropriate follow-up. The identity of the patient can be obtained later, because the reality of foreign tourists also get the same treatment, no question about the cards, passports and more. The point is anyone of his patients, a British citizen or not, will get the same quality service.

Well, if foreign tourists, and how much? Yeah same, free of charge for treatment, and only U.S. $ 10 for medicine. What if patients have chemotherapy, physiotherapy, dialysis etc. should cost very expensive in many other countries? Fixed for free, any form of treatment, all free of charge, unless it only loads the one pharmacy that tariffs earlier. Increasingly too good to be true?

According to experience, something that is too good to be true is almost impossible, because it usually is proven otherwise. Well, depart from such a mindset, a search for Michael continued. And sure enough, because the trust Michael suddenly shifted slightly. After Michael around, finally found the cashier (cashier). Well, the fact such as this raises fresh doubts, because if it does not have to pay anything for treatment at the hospital (except for drugs that only U.S. $ 10 earlier, and that too directly paid to the pharmacy), then to what is a cashier at the doorway out of the house sick? Very good question. And this question is directly presented to the cashier staff gave a very surprising answer. What's the answer?

It turns out the cashier function near the exit is to provide transport allowance that may be needed by patients to ensure the patient arrives at its destination, even patients also had a chance-sempatnya employees interviewed by the cashier to make sure the patient does have a convenient destination for more help process healing. So the cashier in the hospital rather than as a medium for cash in hospital, but to cash out. Great is not it?, To seek treatment rather than shell out even receive money. Am i dreaming or what?

So how this system works? How come so good huh? Institutions in the background that is the NHS, National Health Service, a government-owned institution that was given full authority to ensure the health of British citizens to wake up to the maximum. A resource person in this documentary tells the initial formation of the NHS. In the 1930s, the unemployment rate in the UK reached a very alarming rate.

Surprisingly at the time of World War I and II took place, circa 1941 to 1945, unemployment was reduced so drastically, even close to nil. Why? Because almost all citizens are included as a productive workforce age (categorized as labor force) absorbed in the activities of war, either as military personnel, medical, etc.. Well, when nearly all workers can be absorbed to a war that in fact aimed at eliminating human lives, why not provide employment for the opposite purpose, namely saving lives. This is what underlies the formation of the NHS, which began operations on July 5, 1948.

With the formation of the NHS, proved able to absorb labor, and aim to ensure the health of British citizens are slowly but surely getting materialized. The question again arises is, what to do for such a system is able to survive? How do I get an almost free treatment is able to provide services with high quality, and patient satisfaction?. because we know that free is usually something that usually has an improvised quality. Ever hear a statement or a question like this, "lha wong kok want good games," or "already given for free I still protest?", Even worse is the statement, "it is not clear who paid the quality is, what else is free.

Apparently the system was made in such a way that even if free, quality health care remains a priority. All employees who work in the NHS and affiliates are the British government employees, who receive salaries from the British government. A doctor in the NHS has a salary range of 85 thousand pounds per year (or about 120 thousand U.S. dollars). With this big salary of a doctor who happened to be interviewed by Michael, could have a house worth 550 thousand pounds, a new luxury car output and retirement benefits are more than enough to guarantee his life in the old days.

So what else can guarantee a doctor or NHS staff will provide the best services to patients? Apparently there is one more variable nature of the salary component, the system may look simple, but its impact extraordinary. Variable component in question, obtained through a calculation based on medical records of patients treated by the employees concerned. Like what? So every development in the medical records of patients are monitored and documented in accordance with the persons responsible.

More and more patients are successfully cured, the more you stop smoking, and others that led to a more healthy, it will be more prosperous doctor / NHS employee, because of the amount recovered, which quit smoking, etc. that is the variable coefficient multiplied with certain values ​​which become additional income to the doctor / NHS employee. With such systems, physician / staff will always strive to provide the best because as a reward behind it they also get something more. Conversely patients also benefit significantly because they will always get the best service. Mutually beneficial right?.

Then, if the health business can not become something that is commercial in the UK? Equipment can, because there is still a private physician practices and private hospitals with a commercial purpose with a very narrow patient segment. But what else could a free NHS service has been very satisfactory.

Perhaps, with a system that applied the NHS, the poorest in the UK alone have a chance to live a lot better than America's richest citizens.

Okay, now Michael is believed that all true because it is supported by the fact that is irrefutable, even he himself is often ridiculed for asking about the cost on the people she interviewed, as did all their work, no matter who asked it before.


Currently aura therapy has become part of the lifestyle of people who want to succeed in all areas. There are many side offers aura therapy. Various terms are used, there is a call to open an aura, an aura surgery, the generation of aura GHOIB, Ruwatan, ruqyah, etc.. Some seem very modern, some are intentionally directing an aura therapy as a matter of profound mystical unseen. Maybe you are so confused to choose which is good and right.

As a guideline, here are some points you need to understand and pay attention to choose the right aura therapy:

1. Aura is not a mystical phenomena. Aura is a medical problem of psychological, chemical, and ordinary physics can be studied scientifically. Detection of Aura Science is also not much different from other medical analysis tools, such as X-ray and ultrasound photos. It has been proved by Prof.. R. Kirlian from Russia in 1935. In the countries of Eastern Europe and China, Aura therapy since the 1970s has been widely used by doctors at the Medical Hospital to treat patients with psychological symptoms, surgery assistance, and also to reduce the side effects of
chemical drugs, especially cancer drug. In America, Aura Science has also been studied in depth. S. Karagulla, MD in the 60s has been found and write a scientific review of "energy fields around people."

2. The term Generation Open Aura or Aura that is often echoed by the paranormal, actually less precise. Every human being (and all his creatures) have an energy field or aura around him since the beginning of creation. The proof of animals, plants, and a newborn who had never touched the hand paranormalpun already have an aura.

3. Because Aura is the energy field, then enlightenment Aura you can actually do yourself. Every religion has been taught how. Worship is good and can really brighten the aura. Muslims perform dhikr, fasting, and charity and avoid the forbidden foods. Catholics often make such a special Prayer Novena plus a retreat and seclusion. Hindus and Buddhists recognize the term meditation. All of these actually is in order to send positive energy to the Creator and all creatures. There are good books on this positive energy. You can look it up in the Best Seller Gramedia bookstore (sorry I'm not a promotion. I am not a seller of the book, my readers who are satisfied just to listen to its contents).

4. If you feel you've run all the effort but ran out of power, it means not getting improved quality of life, means something is not right within yourself. Imagine your body as a cell phone. You need a good signal for sms and calls you may receive another phone, right? If your phone's battery is weak and intermittent signal, then you need a service person took it to HP. Well, that's when you undergo therapy aura.

5. The process of the correct aura therapy, is to cleanse and strengthen the energy nodes that affect the aura. Nodes of the body in some literature and culture is often referred to as chakras, the point latif, etc.. Aura therapy functions is as a battery charger as well as your antenna signal booster devices.

6. In the face of the therapist / healer aura, ask him about what is aura. The basics and background does the therapeutic process. Apabil answer is nonsense, leave it out. For what is claimed to come to an "expert" but could not explain the field that they do. Obviously the results of inappropriate therapy is doubtful.

7. Most therapists specialize only do one of two methods of therapy, so the results are less than the maximum and not permanent. Instead, look for the aura therapy that offers a complete package, modern, rational, natural and not infringe the rules of religion.

Congratulations brighten your aura and achieve success!

How to Overcome Obesity and Cancer

In 2001, experts concluded that colon cancer, breast (postmenopausal), endometrium, kidney, and esophagus, associated with obesity. Obesity and low physical activity causes approximately 25 to 30% of major cancers such as colon cancer, breast (postmenopausal), endometrium, kidney and esophagus cancer.

Research conducted in the United States in patients over 16 years and non-Smokers, clearly shows that both men and women are more obese at baseline (with the examination-IMT), have a higher risk of suffering from cancer. In this study, an increased risk of cancers such as kidney and uterine cancer in women and liver cancer in men is surprising. Results from another study claimed that obesity is the cause of the 2nd cancer after smoking in the United States.

In the world, the increasing incidence of obesity and smoking is reduced, so that it is estimated that obesity 1 next decade will be the first risk factor for cancer in the United States. The results of this study were presented by the American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund International, with the theme: Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity, and the Prevention of Cancer: A Global Perspective. Now the estimated two thirds of the population in America is overweight.

Worldwide, the incidence of cancer is increasing faster than population growth. Although it has been known that obesity increases the incidence of cancer, but the quantity and cancer risks where the risk is increased still need further evaluation. The American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund International has gathered its members to evaluate the risk of cancer.

The data discussed is the data from 7000 study have been published. This all relates to food that you input into your stomach. daripda that naturopathy and natural organic food is believed to overcome them, because it heals the body from foods rather than drugs! visit info here

Stretch marks

Severe Stretch Marks

Cosmetic Surgery for Stretch Marks
severe stretch marks

Stretch marks, also known as stretch marks occur due to cracks in the epidermis (skin). Here, the inner layers of skin are affected, which makes the fabric resulted in severe weight gain in short-term scars. The scars of the inner skin layers are covered by a thin layer of skin. The stretch marks indicate neither sweat nor sebaceous glands. There are also no hair follicles.

The strips are dark red at the beginning of its growth. Take over a longer period which may last from a few weeks and months, to a white color.

Serve Stretch marks

are mainly located on the belly and the breasts, also at the hips, thighs and more rarely on the upper arms.

The strips can be treated in principle on three levels: by micro-dermabrasion, in the context of an abdominoplasty and by cutting out.

As part of the micro-dermabrasion, the affected area to be abraded surface. This tiny skin particles are removed. Following this will be supplied with the aid of ultrasound of the skin enzymes. After several meetings, the skin undergoes a marked improvement. Completely remove the patrols but that did not. The red stripe to the start of treatment still are, the better the chance of success. If the strips are already weißnarbig, micro-dermabrasion, the skin improved only moderately.

The second variant, distance in an abdominoplasty is usually a by-product of a tummy tuck surgery, and usually not thought of as a separate operation for the purpose of removing stretch marks. In abdominoplasty are removed after a weight loss of large flaps of skin and tightens the skin and the muscle and sutured. The disappearance of stretch marks in this context is a welcome byproduct.

It is the third version also possible to have the stretch marks surgically removed only by being cut out the skin and then sutured. This procedure is very controversial, because the scar formation through the sewn section is not necessarily less severe in appearance occurs when the initial stretch marks, and because it would make sense only in very few stripes. Serve Stretch marks


Saddlebags - A stubborn woman problem

In saddlebags means the fat in the hip and bum area, down to the inside of the knee. They mainly occur in women.

It is striking that women with saddle bags often have a more delicate upper body and that for many women an additional aesthetic problem is.

In addition to the problem of uneven silhouette of the women suffer from a disturbed skin, which is in unsightly cellulite dimples or simply shows.

Saddlebags are investment holding, however, and almost every diet and sporting activities was. However, you can also indicate a Liphödem - means that it is a congenital disorder of fat distribution. Symptoms of a wide Liphodem is an increased tendency to bruise, touch and pain, but also spider veins. However, in saddle bags as opposed to always Liphödem both legs and sometimes affects the upper arms.

For light riding breeches, a treatment to help with Endermologie. Endermologie is a special massage technique with a technique developed for this device. The massager relaxes the tissues and works deep in the tissue. As a result of treatment is firmer skin, a tempered cellulite picture and a mitigation of the classic problem areas of fat deposits legs, abdomen, buttocks and hips.

Other studios are using the cupping method, special Lymphdragainagen, winding or manual massage techniques to reduce the saddlebags. Many of these methods help, but not pronounced saddle bags.

Stubborn saddlebags can often have a liposuction, liposuction or also get "Body Styling" under control. In a Heidelberg clinic in 1998 a study was conducted by over 50% of the liposuction was used against saddlebags. About 80% of patients have opted for purely aesthetic reasons for this procedure.

Over 90% of treated patients reported in this survey that they were so pleased with the surgery that they can recommend it. Liposuction is one of the most frequently performed Cosmetic Surgery in plastic surgery.

Connective tissue disorder - orange skin and cellulite

By a healthy and tight connective tissue remains your body slim fit

The concepts of connective tissue disorder, cellulite and cellulite are lumped in idea from which everyone seems to operate as desired by: cosmetic industry, pharmacists, pharmaceutical companies, gyms and even medical practitioners. Time for some plain speaking.

Increased wrinkles and cellulite in women - that is the connecting what most people with a connective tissue disorder, cellulite or orange peel.

Less well known is that, for example, a hernia in men, disc problems, joint problems and back problems are also related with this problem.

A weak connective tissue can play with all these "problems" a certain role. The good news: you can do something about it.

First, I consider it necessary, however, the concepts of connective tissue - cellulite - cellulite and orange peel apart.

First, we should concern ourselves with the connective tissue. The other terms are then almost automatically

What is the connective tissue?

The connective tissue is made up of cells and intercellular substances, which may be liquid, semisolid or solid.

To understand the meaning, you ask yourself the following:

You know you have a stomach, an intestine, liver, heart, kidneys, muscles, bones, tendons, nerves, etc.

Have you ever wondered how these "things" fixed "in your body are?

Probably not. Our organs and muscles are not simply in water or the like around the body. All our organs are surrounded by a matrix of connective tissue cells that support our bodies and keep.

This intermediate cell-embedded tissue, the individual organs in the environment on by it they divided and wrapped. The connective tissue in an adult weighs about 12 kilograms. This binding Encoder gives our body shape and ultimately stop.

A key aspect is the following:

You probably also know that her body must be supplied with nutrients and that these nutrients must be transported by the bloodstream. Similarly, the metabolic end products of the cells are again taken away.

Now comes the "problem" connective tissue into play:

The blood vessels will not extend into the cell. The blood vessels (capillaries) take place in the finest veins by connective tissue. There, "to wander" (= diffuse) to the cell and then the nutrients are absorbed by it. Waste products of the cell (which are generally referred to as "slag"), to walk back again. In this case, one would of " purification speak. I am sure you have heard this term before.

The problem is in any case that does not "walk back" many of these waste products, but in the connective tissue located just stay!

In the picture below you see an image of a tissue section. The elongate connective tissue cells (including connective tissue) are the black "lines". The dark blue "dots" are mast cells.

If you are interested in the topic in more detail, you should also list the item for Pischinger room read. Dr. Pischinger has described this phenomenon in detail.

Why it comes to cellulite

If these "waste" is no longer removed from the connective tissue, can make the cellulite wide. Such, there are these ugly bumps in the skin.

Therefore, the state of our connective tissue is crucial for our figure. Each has a strong overweight has become a more or less weak or weakened connective tissue.

About the connective tissue nutrients are delivered to our cells and metabolic waste products away.

The problem of our time is the extreme burden on our connective tissue due to poor diet and physical inactivity.

The result: We age faster and are more susceptible to a greater number of chronic diseases. There are also the harmful environmental effects caused by pollutants and oxidation.

I know that these considerations are for the vast majority of doctors no hearing. Also in the textbooks of physiology or, for example dermatology find the cellulite is not described.

What many do not know: in the connective tissue are also special cells (leukocytes), to provide defense against pathogens that is. This means that our defenses (immune system) depends also on the connective tissue.

Cellulitis? Inflammation?

Now would be an opportunity to introduce the concept of cellulite. Cellulitis yes on end-itis, which means in medicine, almost always a kind of inflammation. Even if it uses the cellulite and cellulite is the same.

In fact an inflammatory cellulitis, a type of erysipelas, which is associated with a bacterial infection. The cosmetics industry and other providers comes this "similarity" is an opportunity, because cellulite really sounds to disease.

I think that's why the concept of cellulitis in the German language is wrong.

Why all women affected by cellulite are still special part of the connective tissue is the subcutaneous connective tissue in the upper arm, thigh and buttocks, depending on the constitution changes unattractive women can bring their A: Cellulite, also known as orange peel.

Cellulite and orange skin refer to the same phenomenon. Cellulite sounds (as well as cellulite) to only some medicines.

In women, the subcutaneous tissue a different structure than in men. The fat cells and collagen fibers in the subcutaneous tissue in men are woven together like a net. In women, these fibers are parallel to each other. The visible problem in women: growing fat cells squeeze between the collagen fibers through the skin surface. A kind of "knobby structure" emerges: the orange skin.

How to identify cellulite

Will we see the orange skin in the early stages, you have to push them together to the supposed sites of the skin with both hands.

In the advanced stage you can see the already visible "dents" when the light falls mainly on the side to the skin area. (Example: walk in) Even under tension of the muscles, the cellulite becomes visible.

Unmistakably the dings are then in the third stage.

What helps connective tissue and cellulite?

In every magazine there are creams, appliances and the like to eliminate, to a promise to the problems. Unfortunately, most agents are ineffective.

Also, diets and diet pills are advertised in rows, which I strongly advise against, however. Read more about this in my articles about: Weight Loss and dieting .

A last chance to see women in particular in a cosmetic operation . The most common procedure is liposuction - known "as a vacuum grease . Problem of this method is that of the range is significantly reduced, but the problem remains of the orange skin and connective tissue. Therefore, one is usually still Thigh or tummy tuck in the affected area is necessary.

Given the risks of surgery, I advise to those measures decreasing. Above all, nothing changes in the causes that led to your problem really.

A sport that is on the affected muscle groups always healthier and more effective. This brings us to the solutions that I can recommend, for example:

The 3-pronged program to connective tissue and cellulite by Dr. Müller Wohlfarth

The well-known Munich sports physicians and scientists, Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Mueller-Wohlfahrt has developed its own therapy to strengthen and rejuvenate the connective tissue that can support I just.

Dr Muller-Wohlfahrt emphasizes that we can influence this subcutaneous connective tissue, so that young and healthy. And I think all this is logical.

The first column against the connective tissue is regular exercise. To strengthen the connective tissue are best suited to the endurance sports. It is important that all muscles are uniformly be charged. The training must be at least 30 minutes and should be repeated 3 times a week. The ideal sports for the connective tissue are swimming, water aerobics, cycling and jogging. However, steppers and cross trainers in gyms are good. The advantage is that you can train in the gym will also target the specific muscle groups to strengthen equipment.

The second pillar is the healthy diet. Very positive affects the connective tissue of a sugar, fat and salt diet on which is rich in protein. Coffee and alcohol should be avoided. Very helpful for connective tissue, are rich in fruits and vegetables, with plenty of vitamin C: potatoes, citrus fruits, cabbage, peppers. Very important are herbs and spices such as basil, chilli, curry, coriander, rosemary and sage. You see, it boils down to a healthy diet also.

For the connective tissue, one should also take adequate fluids: water, diluted fruit juices, herbal teas or green tea. The whole is above all a basic diet that is against the acidity works! An excellent " retuning "can also be reached with fasting , when this is done correctly. How to do that I have described here .

The third pillar of the program by Dr. Müller-Wohlfarth, the Pro-collagen therapy. He recommends, as a dietary supplement , the amino acids lysine , proline , methionine and arginine and vitamin C and the trace element zinc on. This is the subcutaneous connective tissues become firmer and firmer. Due to the higher proportion of collagen, it will also stay longer young.

The Pro-collagen therapy, take the form of capsules in which one pharmacy under the name "Pro Collagen Plus according to Müller-Wohlfarth," in order, each.

The uptake of amino acids (combined with vitamin C and zinc) provides the connective tissue structure important food for regeneration and renewal will be accomplished more effectively. Amino acids are protein building blocks. Every animal, every plant has a characteristic pattern of amino acids. 8 amino acids are essential for humans, meaning they can not be synthesized and must be supplied with food.

Do you expect any miracles, just because you take the Kapslen! One thing that is important: sport and exercise (regular exercise) are essential for the reduction and regeneration of connective tissue, and weight reduction. Otherwise take the capsules is nothing and you can save the money rather equal.

As you see, connective tissue disorder depends on the theme topic of health with the components of healthy nutrition and exercise.

However: significant weight reductions should be avoided because that can reinforce the cellulite yet. I recommend therefore of crash diets that leave finger.

Further action against cellulite

The cellulite can also oppose targeted if the circulation of the skin and lymph encouraged to be excited. These douches are Kneipp (short-cold, warm longer - not for varicose veins, then just cold), but also vigorous massage in circular movements with a Luffahandschuh or brush.

What is a connective tissue still promotes

What you should know yet, everything that causes circulation problems, also promotes cellulite: smoking, prolonged sitting, tight clothes, lack of exercise.

Another problem from the perspective of some environmental medicine are various heavy metals, especially lead and mercury. These heavy metals damage the collagen structure, so that the excretion of collagen degradation products in urine (C-and N-terminal telopeptides) can be increased.

Fasting: effective aid in the fight against cellulite, and connective tissue disorders

Earlier I had mentioned briefly: In the area of "food" you can solve the problem with fast start.

Fasting is no reason to as "Operation without a knife" does not, because it runs a full retuning your body into which most of the words: purify , detoxify and deacidify join. Fasting is therefore the cause of the problems in the connective tissue.

Even if you currently can not get used to the thought, but once you read what participants have written to me to fasting. The statements, see the description of the fasting instructions .

The specialty of the manual is compiled by me, among other things, that these various methods of medicine, naturopathy and alternative medicine involves the problem of the "connective tissue" and the mobilization of "slag" tackles.

Arm surgery

Against the unpopular arm surgery

An arm surgery is performed when the tissue is relaxed and thus depends on the upper arm. This can either be a result of the natural aging process or it may be caused as a result of a large weight loss, when the skin has not produced sufficient returns.

The arm surgery will be performed by an aesthetic plastic surgeons, and therefore belongs to the realm of so-called cosmetic surgery. The operation can take place either an outpatient under local anesthesia or general anesthesia in a hospital, connected to a one-to four-day stay. Usually it depends on how much tissue is removed and whether both upper arms should be operated simultaneously.

The operative procedure itself is removed by a cut on the inner arm side, the excess skin. In the tissue drainage is spent, is to hold the wound fluids. Subsequently, the wound is sutured. The entire area is closed off a large area with a pressure bandage.

The association must remain for six to eight weeks on the arm and the operated area are also regularly checked by a doctor. The drain is usually pulled in about two days. Heavy loads on the arm are to abstain for the first few weeks. Moderate sports, however, is recommended as a prevention of a possible hardening of the scar.

The result of an upper arm lift is usually very good. It should be remembered that the skin will sag again in subsequent years as part of aging. In that case, it is possible, if desired, to have carried out another operation.

Possible side effects of surgery are mainly wound healing disturbances and infections. Occasionally it can cause a jam of the lymph fluid. The tissue can produce a feeling of tension, or bleed in the case of excessive load on the arm if necessary.

To smoking should be avoided in the interest of healing until complete healing of the wound. An intensive skin care (cream) is recommended after removal of the association.


Against the women's main problem area: A Thigh

A thigh lift is performed in the medical field of aesthetic plastic surgery. There are three main reasons for a surgical procedure: a flabby tissue in the context of the natural aging of the skin, remains a loose tissue as a cause of insufficient recovery of the skin and the third a collection of fatty tissue on the outside of the thigh (the so-called riding trousers ).

During surgery, the streamlining is by removing the excess skin and is also in the case of existing saddlebags along with a simultaneous reduction of adipose tissue by a Liposektion ( liposuction ).

The procedure is performed on the basis of the size of the area being operated on under general anesthesia, takes about two to three hours and involves several days of hospitalization. First, an oval section, similar to the shape of a crescent moon, made at the inner side of the thigh. The excess skin is removed. Before suturing the wound, a drainage tube is placed in the wound. This has the purpose of the liquid of the wound, and blood derived. After insertion of the drainage, the wound is so stitched that the scar between the thigh and the perineum region is. This ensures that it is barely visible later.

The rider pants at the outer thigh is treated by liposuction. In this case, are usually placed in small incisions millimeters in size in the skin and the fat removed using a special suction tube.

The thigh is given a compression bandage, which must remain for several weeks. A regular medical examination of the wound here is essential. The drainage is removed after a few days.

Possible side effects are disturbances of wound healing in question, as well as bleeding and ulcers. So might result in numbness, and wound infections. An uncomplicated wound healing an extensive conservation of the thigh is important. Too much stress can lead to tearing of the wound edges.

The operation is as pure Cosmetic Surgery and is not usually funded by health insurance.

Stomach stapling

Stomach Reduction: The last resort?

Better than the weight is the Body Mass Index (BMI) information on the extent of over-or underweight. Normal-weight adults aged 20 years and should keep their BMI 20 to 25 A BMI over 25 means overweight and health should be reduced to love.

Person to whom the common way (diet and exercise) appears to slow or too cumbersome, has the opportunity, medical assistance in the form of Fettleibigkeitschirurgie to take advantage. These include stomach stapling using adjustable gastric banding, the stomach balloon and the Mac Lean methods. Purpose of all operations is to achieve a more rapid sense of fullness, and thus take less food to a rapid or long-term to achieve in any case, safe weight loss. These operations are performed in stand by or under general anesthesia and can sometimes even be made already an outpatient basis.

The adjustable gastric band is one of the most popular on the other hand, the long term, the least satisfactory method because the patients it is scarcely possible to permanently maintain their goal weight. Although many patients who have their gastric band for years, but there can be other programs that remove it and replace it with another surgery. The reasons are many digestive problems. The possible complications include leakage of the gastric band, slipping, if eaten too much, or frequent vomiting.

The gastric balloon , the Act as non-surgical procedure described is "often because the process is so minimally invasive, is a good alternative to gastric band, if rapid weight reduction to be achieved. One can imagine the insertion of the gastric balloon described very simplified so that the balloon that is inserted through the esophagus, "swallowed" is. The stomach balloon is used at unusually high BMI over 40 and also in type II diabetes, to determine what further treatment measures for patients are most appropriate. Both procedures can quickly lead to a safe weight loss.

To achieve a long-term weight loss, one applies the method of MacLean. Here, a small part of the stomach is divided with a bracket and the reduction of gastric output. On the one hand is taken by less food, they also remain longer in the stomach in order to perpetuate the feeling of fullness longer. This method is the most gentle and also completely maintenance free.

Gastric balloon

The hunger advance the bolt: The gastric balloon

The operation of a gastric balloon is a part, in the field of obesity surgery and the other is in respect of which surgical or not in actual operation, but as a precursor.

Background for the operation is a massive obesity with crane unit relevance, it was by other methods, not reduce, for example, a diet, due to lack of stamina. The gastric balloon to assist with weight loss, in which he created an artificial sense of satiety.

The balloon is made of silicone and during endoscopy (mirroring) crossing the esophagus into the stomach. Advance will also take place a reflection of the stomach and the beginning of the duodenum in order to ensure that no damage to those regions are present. Once the stomach balloon in the stomach, it will be filled using a catheter with an average of half a liter of a sterile saline solution. Due to the volume thus achieved a strong sense of satiety is achieved, which is usually associated with a reduction in food intake. The balloon floats freely in the stomach and can not because of its size in the gut, enter the esophagus.

The surgery is an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia. The entire process takes about half an hour.

The gastric balloon may remain for a maximum period of six months in the stomach. There is a risk that otherwise he will lose little by the saline, thereby relaxes and can slide into the intestinal tract, which is associated with the risk of intestinal obstruction. In addition, the balloon caused a stretching of the stomach wall, which can result in long-term point of a stomach ulcer.

In most cases, the balloon is used to refer to a subsequent gastric banding or to prepare a stomach bypass surgery. This can only be performed if the initial weight may be high, but not life-threatening for an operation under general anesthesia. With the gastric balloon, a first weight loss can be achieved in order to minimize the anesthetic risk of obesity actual surgical operation.

The cost of a gastric balloon will be taken only after a previous medical reports by health insurance. In case of rejection of application for transfer costs, there is the possibility to appeal.

Gastric Banding

Gastric restriction by gastric band

The stomach stapling is not among the cosmetic surgery . A gastric band is part of an "obesity surgery used to help people with massive krankheitsrelevantem overweight when removing support. By the bond capacity of the stomach is reduced to food intake drastically, resulting in a significant reduction in caloric intake should result.

The surgical procedure is performed under general anesthesia and takes about two to three hours, the laparoscopic gastric banding is performed through the abdomen into the stomach. It is there placed in the upper third of the stomach around the stomach around so that it is divided into a forestomach and a residual stomach.

The capacity of the forestomach is a maximum of 30 ml Recorded food enters first in the rumen, where it generates an immediate feeling of satiety before it merges with the rest of the stomach. Any attempt to include more food, then this leads to vomiting.

The gastric band is adjustable so that it can be increased in case of complications or after a successful inspection, the capacity of the forestomach. The setting is only performed by a physician.

In general, the gastric band for a very long time is left in the body. Barring complications, a life-long fate is possible.

The use of a gastric band is subject to strict criteria. In general, it is only used for people with a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 40 kg / m². The preponderance must exist for several years and have held several intensive tests, the preponderance of other ways to reduce long term, including under medical supervision. The weight should already have health problems result, such as joint problems, heart problems, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, etc.

Basically, to examine whether the excess weight has a medical cause, for example in the form of an adrenal disorder or dysfunction of the thyroid.

Essential for an operation is the willingness and especially the ability to completely change eating habits to their own and especially to a healthy diet switch. The gastric band prevents the incorporation of large quantities of food, however, the acceptance by liquid or semi-solid desserts are nullified.
It is important to remember that the operation under general anesthesia is risk free.

The cost of health insurance are not automatically accepted. Required is a special application that is associated with an appraisal. There is no guarantee of reimbursement it, even in supposedly not medically justified.

Neck Lift

Look younger by neck lift?

In a neck lift, excess skin and fatty tissue or tissue including remote surgery. At the same time, the neck muscles reshaped and sewn so that the neck contour and provides a harmonious whole rejuvenated appearance.

First signs of aging are often unsightly wrinkles in the neck, reminiscent of a so-called "turkey neck" means the skin is wrinkled and misshapen acts without elasticity, and the neck. Here we recommend a neck lift. Also as part of a diet in which much weight was lost, may develop excess skin, which will also be removed surgically.

A neck lift can be performed with a double chin correction in combination. In this case, is first to remove fat under local anesthesia by the finest Liposuctionsnadeln extracted (see also: suck fat ).

The neck lift is carried out according to the size of the operation under a local anesthesia or general anesthesia. Usually, a day planned stay in the hospital.

During the operation, not just the excess skin is removed and tightened, but also shaped the neck muscle and re-sewn, as it is often through the relaxation is no longer in its original position. Depending on the degree of relaxation of the muscles and how many muscle strips must be corrected, a three to four centimeters long transverse skin incision under the chin may be necessary.

Thanks to modern surgical techniques, such as the endoscopic method, the sections usually be kept very small, so barely visible scars are left. Often, the cuts may also in the area of ​​the scalp are set up so that scars much less noticeable.

The patient himself can make its contribution to the fact that the scarring will remain as unobtrusive as possible and a good surgical result. After the operation shall be continuous for about one week a bandage be worn around the neck. Two more weeks, they applied only at night. On alcohol and nicotine should be avoided. An unhealthy lifestyle and high fat food can make a great result quickly dashed.

The operation does not present any "extraordinary" risks, which can not occur in other cases: bleeding, bruising, infection or poor wound healing can never be completely excluded. In some cases it can cause temporary numbness.

Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation - so that the age is unsichbar ...

If you lose weight quickly, it often comes to the skin of the eye. There are numerous ways to tighten the skin to make them appear younger. The simplest of the various skin care creams, anti-aging effects promised. Even if they are clinically tested and the positive results are guaranteed, they must, for example, 10% reduction in wrinkle depth, not to be visible to the naked eye.

Other methods are sometimes used by beauticians.

The skin rejuvenation by flash lamp technology or Photosilk tightens the skin by intense light pulses, the epidermis into the deeper layers of the skin to penetrate the under. With the heat that is produced here, are the body's cells produce more collagen and elastin.

In clinics peelings are Therma-lifting, dermabrasion, IPL treatments and implemented.

The IPL Photorejuvenation corresponds to the above-mentioned Photosilk method. It is painless and can be installed to be repeated several times as a treatment in their everyday lives. It not only wrinkles disappear, but also skin imperfections, age spots, enlarged veins and benign lesions.

If the IPL method does not help more because the skin wrinkles are too deep already, you can try it with dermabrasion. Using mechanical methods is removed, the epidermis in 4 to 6 treatments to restore lost functions better.

Not so deep dermabrasion are various methods such as chemical peels, in which dead scales are removed. Thus, the epidermis is stimulated to increased Neuzellbildung. To chemical peels and skin blemishes like acne scars and Aknepickel respond positively. You can choose between surface and medium-deep peeling.

The Therma-lifting is a method of rejuvenation without a scalpel, the, eyes, hands, neck and belly on the application may come to face. While the top layer of skin is cooled, the lower layers are warmed. The body's cells to produce firming and filling up substances such as collagen and elasticity-enhancing substances such as elastin are excited. This treatment is carried out-patient basis and takes about half an hour to hour.

The surgical methods that the doctor may only perform well are facelifts ( face lift ) with a scalpel. They are invasive procedures that must also not run without complications. Inflammation, nerve damage, strong changes of personal expression are possible. This method is only recommended if the wrinkles are very strong.


Wrinkles on the face: face lift and face lift to help ...

A face lift, also known as a facelift, is a term in the field of plastic surgery. In a face-lift, excess skin and associated tissues removed surgically, and under general anesthesia. Reasons for an excess of tissue in the natural aging process of the skin are, also be caused due to a very strong or rapid weight loss in a diet. The goal of a facelift is a delicate facial structure and a more youthful appearance of the patient.

As part of the facelift, there are various methods of approach, depending on the texture of the skin and face and on the wishes of the person concerned.

An upper face lift tightens the tissue in the forehead. At the same time, the region embellished the temples, raised eyebrows and frown lines are removed. Modern endoscopic procedures are scarcely any visible scars, but are not ideal according to the position of the hairline and the scale of the operation. must then be used an open technique with a long scar in the hairline. In patients suffering only from slight horizontal creases on the forehead, offer themselves to modern injection methods by which only increased the tissue and placed on the form.

Heavy eye bags or wrinkles on the eyelids are corrected by blepharoplasty. Here, the excess skin and underlying fatty tissue are removed and modeled, so that the whole eye area looks larger and clearer. Modern techniques give up a scalpel cut, but use special radio waves. In patients with less severe bags under the eyes can be completely dispensed with a skin incision. In these cases is made on the back of the lid to lift.

In a cheek lift not only the skin is tightened, but was also the deeper muscle tissue in beautifying a position so that the result more natural.

During an operation may streamlining several areas of the face to a full facelift can be combined. This has the advantage that the attacks may be coordinated.

Risks, such as numbness and movement disorders are due to modern and more precise techniques to exclude almost. A good treatment should nevertheless not be underestimated. As a result, bruising, scarring, poor healing and infection are more rapidly cleared or avoided so that the patient after 2-3 weeks is socially acceptable again.

Fat-way syringe

The injection lipolysis: Known as the grease-way syringe ...

Not just overweight, but normal-weight people have some problem areas. Usually, the fat pads can also through sport and healthy diet can not be reduced. Where previously a costly surgical procedure was necessary, can nowadays, treatment with the fatty-way syringe, also called injection lipolysis, the problem areas to be permanently disappear permit.

The treatment is an outpatient basis. Here, a session usually lasts 15 to 20 minutes. For successful treatment more than four meetings in the regular intervals of 14 days are necessary. The fat-away injection is a cheap and nearly painless alternative to surgery, which can be connected in some circumstances even with a longer hospital stay and complications.

With a fine needle, the active ingredient in the phosphatidylcholine to reducing body fat that is injected. The active ingredient is a prescription and contains lecithin from soybean, which has been used for over thirty years, used against fatty deposits in blood vessels. Lecithin in no way detrimental to the human body, because it is generally produced in animal or plant cells and in human cells.

The lecithin acts as a fatty acid carrier and binds the fatty acids. This allows the fat without problems through the lymphatic system from the treated areas are removed and degraded in the liver. Thus, the fat dissolves completely and permanently on and will occur in the problem areas again. Risks or side effects are still unknown. Shortly after treatment there may be only a slight burning or pressure sensation, which after some time, but disappears again.

The grease-way syringe strengthening natural processes is achieved in the body because the fat present is already bound in smaller quantities and taken away by lecithin. Treatment with the fatty-way syringe can cost 423-1270.35 $. Depending on the price of the number of the necessary meetings and the areas to be treated.

The fat-displacement syringe is only suitable for people normalgwichtige since being treated with this method, only small amounts of fat and can be removed permanently. Treatment with the fatty-way syringe can be used for cellulite, bags under the eyes pronounced, with a double chin, thighs and knees and lower legs and the male breast. In general, can be successfully treated by injection lipolysis all problem areas.

Fat removal

When the fat off to: fat removal

Currently, in Germany in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery (so-called cosmetic surgery liposuction four methods used):

• liposuction ( liposuction )
• injection lipolysis ( fat way syringe ")
• the laser treatment and
• Ultrasound

Liposuction is the method of choice if it is to larger areas, such as the thighs, abdomen or hips ( saddlebags ). The fat is extracted in the form of complete fat cells.

There are several methods that are used as needed for connective tissue. The skin is marked with small cuts that come without scarring, and the fat is sucked through a needle that is inserted into the fatty tissue. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia. A hospital stay is usually not necessary.

Injection lipolysis is only in small pockets of fat in question. The active ingredient of the syringe contains a soybean extract that is an inflammatory process with the result. This inflammation is associated with the decomposition of fat cells. The injections take place after administration of a skin cream that is mixed with a light anesthetic. Thus, the inflammation is not a large area, several sessions are required to complete fat loss. A subsequent treatment is possible after at least three weeks.

In laser treatment the fat cells are heated by a laser and dissolved by melting. Through the process of the lasers at the same time the lymph flow is stimulated, thereby transporting the body's own fat cells resolution is possible. This degradation takes several weeks, so the result will only be visible over time.

During this time, the skin forms new collagen gradually, which is a natural skin tone with the result. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. There is no scarring. This treatment method is generally suitable for all body regions and is also a drug of choice for cellulite. At very low center of fat cells and very large areas is to be treated, the laser treatment but not the drug of choice, but instead the liposuction.

When ultrasound fat cells, the cell walls of the focused ultrasound waves destroyed by the body and metabolized by. The treatment takes place in several meetings with at least a week away and is ideal for small fat deposits. There is no anesthesia required.

In all operations can occur in rare cases, impaired wound healing, improper skin care or even to infection.


Get rid of the fat: Liposuction

Liposuction (Liposuction) is part of the spectrum of aesthetic plastic surgery. It is used to remove fat from the so-called problem areas (such as stomach, hips and thighs) and requires in each case that the fat can not be removed there by regular weight loss, and sports. It does so as a purely aesthetic measure without medical indication.

There are currently three methods of liposuction: the tumescent technique, aspiration lipectomy (UAL) and the Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL)

The tumescent technique is considered the most common method. In the region, such as thighs, a saline solution in combination with a local anesthetic is injected. Then a few millimeters in size cuts are introduced into the skin and fat using a special suction tube that is inserted into the fat sucked out of the tissue. The suction is simultaneously a character modeled so that a Dell can not occur.

When aspiration lipectomy fat is treated with the ultrasound. Through this process, a burst of fat cells is effected. Then the fat is extracted as previously described. This method is used, if a sufficient connective tissue is present.

The Power-Assisted Liposuction is a vibration technique suitable for regions are also in connective tissue. In this vibrant micro-needles are used to achieve due to their small diameter, a very good result.

The advantage of liposuction is in the fact that not only the fat are removed as such, but the full fat cells. Fat cells were extracted, can not be produced again in the same place again. Nevertheless, the fat tissue itself can still store fat, so that arise from a subsequent severe weight gain, unsightly deformations.

As with any surgical procedure can lead to impaired wound healing and infection. In addition, the treated tissue scar form that can go hand in hand with pain. An extremely careful skin care is therefore essential.

In any case, a medically assisted liposuction is performed with the purpose of a weight loss or as an alternative to weight loss. The operation is carried out exclusively adjunct to diet, and thereafter as regards the above-designated problem areas.

Wrinkle Treatment

A popular remedy for wrinkles: wrinkle injections

A visible sign of biological aging are wrinkles that can occur from muscle movements (facial or dynamic, such as forehead wrinkles) or gravitational (orthostatic, eg cheek folds).

Age, skin type, lifestyle habits (UV-consumption, smoking) and muscle activity are primary factors. Expression lines may be bilateral (eg, crow's feet) or separately (eg, glabella frown lines =) appear.

Surgical removal of wrinkles measures (eg, lift or lift) can ever be circumvented through collagen injections for wrinkles. Here, a very small amount of a filler substance (so-called dermal filler) with a thin needle is injected under the skin that gives skin volume and thus raising the crease and smooths.

The substances used for this situation, absorbable (dissolvable and temporary) or absorbable (not resolvable by the body and permanent micro-implants) and be made endogenous or foreign material. The wrinkle injections are typically performed by a plastic surgeon, outpatient and lasts, depending on the treated skin area about 20-30 minutes. A local anesthetic using anesthetic cream or spray is possible.

Currently there are about 70 different products for wrinkle injections. Absorbable materials are low-risk and are preferably used.

The most popular currently used substances: collagen, hyaluronic acid, polylactic acid, autologous fat (or lipotransfer-filling), botulinum toxin A (paralyzes the fold forming muscle) and semi-permanent and permanent fillers.

In the first six hours after the injection should be waived, the treated areas to touch unnecessary to wash or make-up.

In the treated area can redness, swelling, bruising, tenderness or itching occur, which disappear after a maximum of two days. An allergic reaction to the Fillersubstanz is rare. be used are allergic reactions to animal proteins (eg collagen) must Füllpräparate non-animal origin. There are about four weeks is recommended before treatment is an allergy test in which a small amount of collagen is injected.

The exact side effects, risks and complications (eg, defensive reactions) in the respective Fillersubstanzen should first be discussed in detail with the treating physician. We may botulinum toxin-A in pregnant women, nursing mothers and patients not applied with generalized disorder of muscle activity. Also have blood-thinning agents should be discontinued 1-2 weeks before treatment.

Fine adjustments to achieve an optimal result may be required within 2-4 weeks after treatment. Depending on the selected Fillersubstanz approximately 3-12 months after surgery is needed freshening up treatment.

Abdominoplasty and Tummy Tuck

Bach tightening - When the stomach has to go ...

Within the spectrum of aesthetic plastic surgery is known as abdominoplasty, also known as abdominoplasty, tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty to improve known a way, the shape of the abdomen in the case of optical distortion.

Underlying this is often a very substantial decrease in the abdominal skin which has formed in too small a scale back. It remains in the case of a so-called fatty apron that overlaps, or hanging, often with skin irritations, such as inflammation associated below the fold of skin or even eczema is.

In abdominoplasty, the excess skin is removed from the areas of the middle and lower abdomen, in addition, the excess tissue deformed and the remaining fat.

The belly button is removed and at the appropriate place after the removal of the skin used. Then the remaining skin, and stored there muscles tightened and sutured to the pubic hair line. The operation is only performed under general anesthesia and takes about three hours. The subsequent hospital stay depends on the wound healing and is, accordingly, between two and seven days.

After the operation must be worn for several weeks, a compression garments. There are some risks, such as wound infections, scarring, vascular disorders of the displaced umbilicus, and sensory disorders of the skin. On sports must be renounced for eight to twelve weeks after the surgery.

The benefits of abdominoplasty are primarily in the outer appearance, and in the fact that the operated stomach no more fat tissue can form. However, it is very important that in subsequent years, no more drastic weight gain takes place, as this can take place unsightly deformations.

Only in few cases does the health insurance costs for the surgery. Usually, an abdominoplasty is one of the purely cosmetic procedures with no medical relevance. Only in the case of excessive eczema in the skin flap can be performed by expert opinion, your costs. For this, the medical service of health insurance will be contacted.

Cosmetic Surgery - The second chance?

Beauty Now you can. Schönheitsops be popular and get in the press and especially on television more and more space. Since I am in great demand by younger and younger girls how to lose weight they might think I'm so my thoughts ...

The first reason for subjective viewing I must say this girl: "With you there is nothing to lose".

The second reason: many overweight people are playing with the idea of surgery: gastric banding or vacuum grease .

Many of the obese have been many diets and some real "diet-career" behind him - and I admit it: the suffering of many patients is really high.

The times seem to fit, in which were early wrinkles, plump hips and crooked noses as fate. More and more women and men also use the modern ways to reconcile with each appearance and self image.

The pursuit of beauty ...

The quest for flawless beauty is a human need, on one hand caused by ideals that need to be copied, on the other hand, created in the wake of today's successful company that is satisfied with a little more simple "clothes make the man".

Rather, numerous studies show that attractive people climb the career ladder much easier than their disadvantaged in terms of beauty people. Added to the propagated by the media obsession with youth, people over 35 is almost the "Committee" as declared.

According to the sociologist and gender researcher Nina Degele of the University of Freiburg, it is also the typical in today's superficial contact people interact, the outward impression of enormous importance attaches to.

The desire to be beautiful and desirable, is not a phenomenon of the modern lifestyle company, but was plagued centuries before the minds of men. The only difference then is that these days there are ways and means to help his appearance on the jumps.

Of course, also subject to the desirable ideal of a change in time. So twisted the busty Brazilian model Giselle Bundchen once not only Leonardo di Caprio's head, but sat by the way also a new trend in cup size, in particular in Latin America by the remarkable increase of breast enlarging operations proved himself.

Plastic surgery all over ...

Which plastic surgery is desired in which expression is often regionally different. While people seeking surgical or retread part, in Germany rather fixated on a natural result, slides that desire in the U.S. often into an extreme.

This is expressed for example in oversized, with the rest of the body proportions hardly harmonious breasts or in up to the breaking limit of the tissue sprayed "frog lips" that are in contrast to the almost caricature artificially conjured.

But the flourishing business of cosmetic surgery. A recent Forsa survey for Stern magazine showed that especially tummy tuck , buttocks or thigh lift ( saddlebags ), and liposuction correction of puffiness and slip lids and the desired. That a part liposuction carried out in Germany with approximately 150000-250000 of the most common interventions. However, these less innocent than one might suspect.

The Association of German Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has determined that nine percent of all liposuction leads to problems in and already people have died after surgery. But smaller operations such as a face lift or neck lift , carry risks and should not be trivialized.

A Cosmetic Surgery is not a haircut ...

The fact that plastic surgery is not a haircut, should lead everyone in mind when considering taking such.

One has to question the self-critical, whether it is worth to take the risks and what is the benefit that you draw from such an operation.

Is the suffering really so high that it justifies the intervention?

Furthermore, it is of enormous importance, confidence to find a doctor who is also a specialist in plastic surgery and is designed accordingly so. Less well-trained doctors are also available in Germany, because cosmetic surgery can ring the cash register and legally, should be even urologists for breast surgery, collagen injections , skin rejuvenation , removal of grease , etc. make available, without incurring a penalty.

So if you do decide to have embellished his appearance after a thorough risk-benefit balance should visit at least in the best hands.

Immune-strengthening through the intestinal immune system

For infections, especially those involved in the mucosal (colds, bronchitis, sinus infections, flu), is a "classical" orthodox medical treatment in my experience no permanent solution.

The antibiotics do not work against viruses, should now have spread. And yet they are ordered by preference.

This is where the micro-biological therapy:

It stimulates the body's immune system and stabilizes as the gut microflora after antibiotic therapy. A physiological microflora is the basis of an intact immune system.

At the micro-biological therapy (also symbiosis is called), the patient preparations in live or killed micro-organisms themselves. In general, these micro-components of the natural intestinal flora: non-pathogenic E. coli strains, Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria are the most frequently used bacteria.

So far - so good.

Hundreds of my colleagues practicing intestinal rehabilitation , symbiosis, etc. every day.

The crucial question is:

Why do not they all doctors?

Why is not this the standard of care?

Why is always on the microbes (bacteria and viruses) are taken with any weapon (antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals, etc.), rather than strengthening the system, the natural weapon has to deal with this ...

Your immune system!

I do not want to go back a the pharmaceutical lobby and it is not against the ignorance in some practices.

I supply you with the facts rather immune to the strengthening - of:

Strengthening of the intestinal immune system

Bacteria, viruses and fungi (which we always take anyway), connect with the largest factory of antibodies in human organism Contact: The gastro-intestinal tract.

The gastrointestinal tract contains antibody-producing cells working better than the spleen and all lymph nodes in the body.

The so-called "dendritic cells" of the immune system mukosaassoziierten detect the bacteria in the gut of the "toll-like receptors.

This toll-like receptors are called pattern recognition receptors. With the help of these receptors is different between our innate immune system "self" and "non-self".

Shall decide the gut, whether it is a pathogen or one's own (and important) intestinal flora is.

The dendritic cells produce the enzyme nitric oxide synthase. This enzyme causes the plasma cells, rather than make other immunoglobulin isotypes immunoglobulin A (IgA).

These activated plasma cells migrate through the lymphatic system is now in the lymph nodes and "mature" out there. Then connect them via the bloodstream and are distributed among the various mucous membranes of the body.

There, the immunoglobulin A given to the outside and "patrolling" then as "secretory IgA" through the mucous membranes.

In practice, showed again and again, patients with chronic sinusitis or bronchitis, speak particularly well to a gut renovation.

In a placebo controlled double blind study for treatment of chronic recurrent bronchitis, the patients three times daily 30 drops a Symbioflor one. The drug Symbioflor 1 contains cells and autolysate of Enterococcus faecalis.

The capture of Symbioflor 1 led to less, compared to placebo relapsed.

Perhaps you now understand better why many should be treated through the intestines ...

My colleagues in the therapy center in Preetz know my "standard answer" to the popular question:

"Have you not even a ball against my cold? Can you give me something fast? "

My answer: "No chocolate, no candy ..."

and if there are other colleagues (who know the answer already) add to this then the chorus:

"... No white flour, no pork , no coffee ... "

And all "non-affected" burst out laughing.

And it is actually quite simple.

Oh yes, I had already mentioned, the fasting and fasting is an excellent way to strengthen the intestinal immune system?

By the way, should on the immune system darmassozierte also (almost) any form of allergy treatment ... but that's another topic.

Study: Fasting in allergy, digestive problems and inflammation

Who is too fat and carbohydrate-rich foods, one senses soon the tight-fitting trousers. "As of today I do not eat everything!" removal is the supposed final stroke to the current eating habits to a halt.

If temporary refusal of food is one with a mean fasting, it puts a weight reduction is not necessarily an appropriate solution - even though studies but also a lasting and successful Gewcihtsreduzierung by the fast show. And yet, I recommend: who will put too much on the scale for is a long-term shift to whole foods and to exercise much more meaningful.

Fasting means primarily a focus on the essentials, and a return to itself, an internal cleansing of the body ( detoxification and deacidification ), the mind and the soul. Some who decide to
fast pull back for a limited time from everyday life.

In order to achieve a therapeutic effect, fasting is the right preparation and implementation of as important as the fast-breaking and beyond.

Bernd Uehleke, doctors of naturopathic Institute, Free University of Berlin suggests, in inflammatory diseases such as eczema and rheumatism to fasting. After Uehleke, inflammatory reactions in the body through a vegetarian diet can be reduced. The reason is the falling Arachidonsäurewert. arachidonic acid is the chemical basis for the body's own inflammatory processes.

Fasting been shown to improve the immune capacity of the intestine (see also intestinal immune
system ), stabilizes the intestinal environment, and this in turn leads to better digestion and fewer bowel problems .

of immunoglobulins in the intestine proved to be of some three months later shows continued growth, a study of this clinic, Blankenstein and the Department of Medicine University of Witten theory: Through three weeks of fasting was the one.

Immunoglobulins in the gut to fight viruses and pathogenic bacteria. My gut bacteria to defend well from Histamine, a tissue hormone which is involved in allergic reactions.

The allergy season begins

Hardly Lent is over, the allergy season begins.

In principle, it is every year the same thing.

Until a few weeks it was pollen allergy sufferers breathe calm in the truest sense of the word, because the snowy weather prevented the pollen. But now the spring flowers begin to distribute their pollen in the air: a runny nose, burning eyes and the neck begins to scrape.

An allergy is noted on itchy or moist places, swollen mouth or nasal mucous membranes, skin patches, snuff-like symptoms, sneezing and swollen lips. There are also other symptoms such as stomach and intestinal problems at a food allergy , asthma or circulatory problems in question.

The complaints often use immediately after contact with the allergen, but occasionally it may be that only a few days go by.

I keep seeing patients who are apparently particularly susceptible to allergies. Such people have, for example, in her youth a pollen allergy, suffering from asthma and then develop later also other food allergies .

Sometimes it also happens that another related or similar allergies to cross. Who is affected by a birch pollen allergy can not eat any nuts or apples. Here we speak of a cross-allergy . I can still remember that 10 years ago almost no one knew anything of my patients with food allergies. It is generally advised for a suspected allergy to have carried out an allergy test. About the reliability of such tests, I am now writing once nothing more - I would have to first look for the sources and studies. More about the skin tests: allergy skin test - testing What it?

In an acute emergency, you may rely on proven anti-histamines and steroids. In chronic cases, like the desensitization set, as the Dauermedikamentation with antihistamines.

Long story - short: for almost all forms of allergy I think fasting for an excellent cure. I myself was after about one and a half years my hay fever cure with three Fasting: though I had already suffered since the age of 15 under and I had taken a number of antihistamines.

What do you all do to your liver

Modern folk illnesses such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol levels appear to alcohol currently rank as the No. 1 killer liver begins.

According to Michael Mann, liver expert at the Medical University of Hanover, is the fatty liver is no longer due to unruly drinking alcohol only.

An unhealthy lifestyle is responsible for the storage of fat in the liver. Concerned is already a myriad of federal citizens.

Claus Niederau, liver expert at Catholic hospitals Oberhausen explains that the liver is affected by light ultrasound examinations looming. If one can view it directly, would be wobbly and yellow fat which accumulates as such recognizable. In this still incurable good early stage, the cells of the liver suck full of fat, the liver to grow and increases with further progression of their weight many times. According Niederau every second of his ambulance by a visitor become fat liver is taken. Not even children are spared from it.

A warning in the form of pain does not get the person concerned. Falls below the fatty liver also (silently) further away, so the real liver tissue shrinks and closer together, while the fat percentage is growing. The body is no longer for liver detoxification capability. The liver cirrhosis has occurred. This stadium is possible by conventional medical view is no remedy. The only way out (the medicine): a liver transplant.

A high cholesterol , obesity, and especially high liver values ​​should therefore not be dismissed lightly. Symptoms such as fatigue, bloating, impaired concentration, or poor performance may be an indication of the so-called fatty liver.

But now the good news: even severely bloated liver can be achieved by weight reduction, bring a healthy diet and exercise after a few months back to normal.

Who should be awards to the alcohol, the liver time to time by alcohol-free weeks to give the opportunity for regeneration.

Simple policies in the way of life and an increased awareness of the signals the body to help secure the liver to protect them from obesity.