Decreased physical activity linked with poor academic performance in kids

Decreased physical activity during childhood is linked with poor academic performance in kids, a study published in Monographs suggests.                                                             

Now-a-days, schools are reducing physical activities due to growing emphasis on academics and student performance. Actually, decreased physical activity significantly affects the mental ability and academic performance in children.

When compared to inactive peers, physically active children outperform in academics and achievements. Larger brain volumes, specifically, hippocampus and basal ganglia was observed in physically active kids. These brain regions are associated with cognition, action, behavior, decision-making and memory. Increased concentration with enhanced attention was evident in physically active children than less active kids.

Physical activity could be a viable alternative intervention for children with autism spectrum and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorders. Based on the findings of the present study, school administrators should consider and promote physical activity in the school setting to improve kids’ academic performance.


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