Costochondritis causes

Costochondritis causes

What causes Costochondritis?
By Costochondritis, there is an inflammation (inflammation) in several of his ribs bruskvev. The reason why there is inflammation, we do not know for sure. Many of the patients with Costochondritis can talk about prolonged cough, that they have recently made a significant physical effort (lift) or bodily activities that are charged to the arms.

What is the prognosis?
Almost everyone gets rid of pain. The course is variable and can last from weeks to months, but the condition is usually over in less than a year.
Costochondritis causes


  • Costochondritis is an inflammation of several of the bruskete transitions between ribs and sternum.
  • It is a harmless condition that goes by itself.
  • The main symptom is pain in the chest wall of varying intensity and is described as sharp, aching or pressure-like.
  • The pain is located behind the sternum, often only on one side.


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