Rice powder treats cholera effectively

Over years, cholera is being treated by oral rehydration that contains mixture of water with glucose and salts. Actually, glucose might increase the duration and toxicity of bacterial infection, a recent study suggests. 

Researchers found that substitution of rice powder, instead of glucose can dramatically reduce the bacterial toxicity by over 75%.

Like humans, cholera-causing bacteria consumes and thrives well by utilizing glucose and cause serious diarrhea or dysentery, said Dr. Melanie Blokesch, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

In laboratory conditions, cholera bacterium was grown in different culture-mediums such as potato, rice powder and different sugars. Bacteria thrived well in glucose and other sugars but not in starch medium of rice powder. The expression of toxicity-causing bacterial gene was found to be decreased in rice powder medium grown organisms.

The study is not against oral rehydration therapy, which is very effective. However, the regimen should be improved based on study findings, especially in outbreak reported geographical locations, the researchers noted.

The study was published in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases.


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