Acupuncture may reduce side effects of breast cancer drugs

Acupuncture may reduce side effects of breast cancer medications such as aromatase inhibitors, a recent study published in the journal Cancer has suggested. Aromatase inhibitors are estrogen-lowering drugs being used to treat estrogen-responsive breast cancers. Some of the common side effects of aromatase inhibitors are hot flashes and menopausal symptoms.                                                                              

In the randomized clinical trial study, acupuncture reduced menopausal symptoms in aromatase-inhibitors treated breast cancer patients. No side effects or risks were reported after acupuncture treatment, the researchers have noted.

The study included 47 breast cancer patients who were assigned to receive either acupuncture treatment or a sham treatment for eight weeks. Reduced severity and frequency of hot flashes, night sweats, joints and muscle pain were reported in the treatment group.


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